There are  different types of masks with different purposes.

We are only  intended  to help clarify some key differences between them. BFE stand for "Bacterial Filtration Efficiency". The different types are:

-N95 NIOSH standard, 95% BFE.

-FFP2 European standard, 94% BFE.

-FFP3 European standard, 99% BFE.

-KN95: Chinese equivalent of FFP2 with slightly higher BFE of 95%.

-3 ply type I BFE 95%.

-3ply type II BFE 98%.

-3 ply type IIR BFE 98% and is splash resistant.

With the 3 ply you make sure others are safe from your breathing. The other types also keep the air that you breath in safe to various degrees.